You must be a doer! If you are, then you are just in the right place. 

Let's not waste time! If you need help, this what you can choose from! 

It can be as simple as a planner or a more individualised program, so go ahead, read more and please don't forget to send me a message with your questions or just take a leap of faith and let's work together!

How can I help you:

When all you need is just a good planner, the ANTPLANNER!


You are in control and are a doer. 

But what you're missing is a good tool, that is not just functional but can be branded to support your business even more, then the Antplanner is for you! 

Some of the Antplanner's features are:  

  • Legend/Index
  • Weekly, Monthly views 
  • Year at Glance
  • Goal setting sections for the Year, Quarter, Month and Week
  • Space for Review and Reflection
  • To-Do list space
  • Note space 
  • and more!

What others say about the Antplanner and the Workshops:


Gabor Devenyi said about the Antplanner:

Very practical, I am using it every day

I love the goals section, works very well with me. Earlier I used custom made Excel to track yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals, but physically writing it down makes it more real. The colour coding helps me to track where do I spend my time, so I know the true picture. It helps me to reflect and improve. I highly recommend the planner!


Alison Margaritis's testimonial about a workshop she attended: 

Thank you Ildi, your knowledge and expertise when it come to planning to maximise your productivity is brilliant. I walked away with so many tips that I have been able to implement immediately it has made a significant change to the way I view my time and the way I work.  

The Blueprint to Life-Work Harmony Workshop


The goal of this workshop is to help you improve your planning through your planner

for better time-management and productivity.

What you will learn:

  1. 7 steps roadmap to help you create a plan through your planner, to improve and support productivity.
  2. A different view on time.
  3. What is your time-management archetype.

Make 2020 your best year yet! 2 days planning workshop


When all you need is a little help and a supportive environment to effectively create  a plan for 2020, then come along to this 2 days workshop, it is the right choice for you!
You will not just work on your plan, but...

  • Learn about what personality type you are and why and how you relate to your own time.
  • Work with your goals and incorporate them in your plan.
  • Create a doable plan.
  • Learn about tools to better time management.
  • Pick up on tips and tricks to become more productive.
  • Make new connections.
  • And of course have fun while creating a plan through your planner!

What others say ...


Maxine Hearn said:

This is for everyone who wants more time! 

I want to say thank you for your amazing insights in to time management and planning. I was fortunate to be able to do your course last August (2018) and can't believe how it's changed my life and given me more hours in my week than I ever thought possible. Starting with my Vision for the future I was able to determine my goals and set them in a realistic time frame in my Daily Planner. It was easy then to break them down into the actions I needed to take to achieve them. The most exciting part? After just three months I had not only reached my quarterly goal but was well on my way towards the next. I can't recommend your course highly enough to every one who wants more time to meet their commitments and fulfil their dreams. 

The Time Fix Program


Lots of bonuses, specialty workshops and much more to support you on the journey to better time management and productivity.

Do you want to take your business to the next level through better productivity and better time management in a personalised 12 month program?

Then this program is for you!

What it offers:

  • An intensive coaching program
  • A care program for 12 months, so you don't just start on the right path, but stick to it.
  • Lots of bonuses, specialty workshops and much more to support you on the journey to better time management and productivity.