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My Mission


I am a time management expert who enables business owners and professionals to get more time when it really counts. 

My passion is to teach and support you to improve your relationship with time. 

About Ildi Racz


 I have a unique business background. My career in cartography has  developed a special sense for detail and creating structure and clear  visibility to solve problems. 

With over 9 years experience in direct sales, I have successfully developed a home-based  business while managing a family.

It was from these experiences  that I have developed my time management methods and my unique Antplanner, a paper-based planner to create achievable and  effective plans that realise goals. 

Why choose Me?


By  working with me, clients address three common time management traps:  

competing priorities, no goal-setting, and poor time choices.
With  me you will learn to focus on the important things, commit to your  goals and regain control of your time, ultimately resulting in better life-work harmony.  

 Do you truly respect your time?

I will be there all the way on  your journey to create healthy time management habits that lead to you regaining  precious time and control over your life.  

Meet the team

Why Antplanners


After  meeting Ildi owner of Antplanners at a local womens networking group  we discussed in length how I would be able to achieve new goals, plans  and operate a successful independent business - this is where Antplanners for Wellness Advocates was born!  


About Kirstin Wilson


 I  began my planner journey as a young adult globetrotting the world,  working in the travel and tourism industry lead me to continue recording  dates, times and figures. Fast forward a few more years with starting  up my own home based business with a new born baby in tow I knew there  had to be a way to operate my small business more effectively and  efficiently. 

Pure Essentials Community


As a wellness business essential oils educator at Pure Essential Oils for Families, Kirstin helps people empower themselves to regain their health and vitality  naturally through essential oils and natural product solutions. 

Pure  Essentials Community is a community of women creating unique experiences and products through holistic practices. 


Time Management Specialist of the Year 2019 - Australia

The 4th annual Small Business Awards, hosted by CV-Magazin


Pakenham, Victoria, Australia

0413 740 772