The Blueprint to Life-Work Harmony Workshop


Which one suits you best?

  • Online Live Workshop  -  from the comfort of your home or office. Jump online to learn how to become more productive through your planner.

  • Half Day Workshop - do you like a room buzzing with people learning and implementing new skills? Than this is the way to go!


Did you know that you have all the time you need to realise your success?

But if, like most people, you feel like you suffer from a lack of time, then 


Your lack of time is simply a reflection of your attitude towards time.

So, when you feel like never have enough time, you’re tired of being overwhelmed and constantly under pressure, and your ‘To-Do List’ never ends, just grows, then this is for YOU!


Through the Blueprint to Life-Work Harmony you'll learn how to create a plan through your planner, set goals and achieve them – NOW!

You will become more focused on the important things, committed to doing what’s best and take control to grow your business.

Have you thought about...


Are you a survivor or a planner?

Do you feel like a ‘Rescuer’ always reacting? Or a ‘Fighter’ – always doubting your next move? Perhaps even a ‘Survivor’ – desperate for some direction? 

Commit to the Plan Your Planner Program and become proactive and organised and experience the benefits of becoming a ‘Planner’.



How do we do that?

The key is to create healthy habits around time management. 

By learning to Plan Your Planner with Ildi Racz, you’ll learn to make better choices through visioning and identify better priorities through visual stimulation resulting in achieving your recorded goals in your Planner.

Are you ready to make the change?