Learn Important Skills


Good time management needs skills like learning to say NO, or efficiently prioritising your to-do list, having clarity around where your time slips away and so much more!

Planner or Diary

Do you use diaries or planners?

One of my most important tips is to start using your Diary as a Planner and become more organised. Every diary can be a planner, the choice is yours.

Why should You book?


This is what Sarah Higgins said after a workshop:

‘I learned more than I even thought possible, and came out of it more confident than I would have thought possible too!’



Having great time and learning new time management skills, while becoming more organised can only be fun!

Connect with Others


Workshops are a great environment to not just learn but make new connections and realise you are not alone.

* Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet! *

 Do you want to start 2020 with a plan ready to go?

Then come along to this 2 days workshop!

You will not just work on your plan, but...

  • Learn about what personality type you are and why and how you relate to your own time.
  • Work with your goals and incorporate them in your plan.
  • Create a doable plan.
  • Learn about tools to better time management.
  • Pick up on tips and tricks to become more productive.
  • Make new connections.
  • And of course have fun while creating a plan through your planner!

The Blueprint to Life-Work Harmony Workhop

Is for small business owners and proffessionals who want…

  • more time for the important things in business and life
  • to improve their relationship with their time
  • to become proactive not reactive
  • to be organised not disorganised
  • to feel in control and achieve their goals.

What can you expect from it…

  1. a boost in your mindset for better use of your time. 
  2. tips and tricks on how to improve your relationship with your time
  3. a 7 steps method to help you become a better planner through your planner

and much more!