The Antplanner for Wellness Advocates

The business builder tool!

This Antplanner is a special colaboration. 

A few years back, Kirstin Wilson, used the Antplanner to help her build a successful oily business. 

She found that she was creating around the functional tools offered by the Antplanner already, a lot of very specific tickboxes and tools to help her achieve goals.

Kirstin reached out and the end result is this amamzing ever-growing and evolving business tool for anyone who is running an oily business.

 Available in 2 different cover styles:

  • special oily cover or 
  • branded 

Also you have the choice af a:

  • financial year or
  • calendar year version.


Here is, why everyone likes it:

 NEW Features in 2020:

  • Monthly budget planner
  • Weekly Meal/Wellness Intent Planner
  • Important dates to Wellness Advocates.
  • 2021 year at glance in the 2020 calendar year Antplanner 

Standard Features:

  • Comfortable size: B5 (between A4 and A5)
  • Goal setting features in the yearly, quarterly, monthly and the weekly planner
  • Vision Board 
  • Whole year planner
  • Monthly planner
  • Weekly planner
  • Special space for Follow Ups, Wellness Consultations, Order wish list 
  • Monthly and Weekly Volume tracker (PV/OV)
  • Monthly business essential checklist
  • Motivational quotes for every month and quarter
  • 12 sheets of Power of 3
  • Contact list tracker.

Don't wait! Grab your Antplanner for Wellness Advocates today!