The Life & Wellness Antplanner

The planner for busy people who want to improve their wellness

This Antplanner is designed for all the busy mums or people who need to organise life, work but also want to improve their general wellness and want to be more productive at the same time and enjoy the freedom of healthy living and having time! 

Together with Sharan Kafoa who is a Health coach we created this planner to help everyone not just on the journey to make friends with their own time, but to live a healthier and happier life too.

The features in this planner are designed to help you  make more time for all those things that really count, while remembering to take care of ourselves not just by incorporating daily movement, or eating and drinking well, but setting intentions towards wellness and making weekly gratitude a habit.

Also, some of the features in the planner are going to remind you to think about your family and how you can bring together those that are important to you, through fun and adventure.


Available in 3 different cover styles:

  • tree of life cover
  • wellness mandala cover
  • branded.

Also you have the choice af a:

  • financial year or
  • calendar year version.

Here is, why everyone likes it:

  • Comfortable size: B5 (between A4 and A5)
  • A space to think about the big things you will achieve over the year
  • Space for your quarterly big plans
  • Inspiration Board 
  • Whole year planner for 2020 and 2021
  • Monthly planner
  • Weekly planner
  • Monthly budget planner section
  • Motivational quotes for every month and quarter
  • Space for gratitude notes each month and week
  • Wishlist and a reminder to think about the monthly fun and relaxation or adventures
  • Monthly and weekly intention space
  • Mealplanner for every week
  • Daily water intake dots
  • Reminder to get physical and move your body
  • Daily Self Care note
  • Daily Focus of the Day note

Don't wait! Grab your Antplanner today!