Meet the 2020 Antplanner



Hey you!

Have you ever wondered why you don't have enough time? 

Do you struggle using a diary or planner? 

Do you set your goals and then you forget about them?

Do you need a functional, practical planner?


The Antplaner does just that

It has all the features a successful business needs:

  • Vision board
  • Year at glance
  • Yearly goal setting section
  • Quarterly goals
  • Every month with special goal section
  • Week to page with extra features
  • Inspirational quotes

and so much more!


This is why its unique and cool

The Antplanner gives you the choice to have a monthly view and then a full week to spread, but if you need more space to take notes, the day to a page version is your best friend. 

Why not customise your planner?


Love your planner!

Do you have a pretty image or an inspirational quote you love? 

Create a cover that will represent you, and that you will love owning and using a full year.


Have your brand on the cover

Do you struggle finding a corporate gift that is not thrown in the bin right after being recieved? 

Imagine a planner with your brand being used for a full year by your clients. 

What better marketing?


Customise the Antplanner inside out

Check out the Antplanner, but if you still think it is not serving your needs, let's talk about how can you change and fully customise the planner to your needs!

Contact me at

0413 740 772

Meet the antplanners

Calendar Year


Runs from January to December.


- Week to a page

- Day to a page

Financial Year


Australian Financial Year - Runs from July to June.

- Week to a page
- Day to a page

Branded Cover


Make the cover that you love 

Do you want an Antplanner for a larger group?


We can create a planner, and we can market it through your portals or our Webshop.

Ex. Check out the Antplanner for Wellness Advocates.